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Apparatus and method to clean garbage from water bodies



Innovation Title:
Apparatus and method to clean garbage from water bodies

Name & Age of Inventors (at the time of innovation):
Yumna Syeda Ali Shah (16)
Nimra Syeda Ali Shah (14)
Bilal Syed Ali Shah (11)

Problem Statement:

The proliferation of garbage in water bodies presents a dire environmental crisis, inflicting substantial harm on marine ecosystems.

The imperative need of the hour is an autonomous AI-powered garbage cleaner. This technological solution is essential to effectively mitigate the detrimental effects of aquatic pollution, preserve marine life, and safeguard our planet’s delicate aquatic environments.

About the Innovation:

Young inventors from DiscoverSTEM have designed an innovative solution that filters out the large and small contaminants in the water.

The mechanism helps to preserve the natural quality of the water and protect its natural habitat and wildlife. This innovation has a three-stage filtration system. This innovative and automated filter is designed to remove all large contaminants from the water, such as plastic bags and bottles.

Patent Certificate:

US Patent Grant Date:
August 16, 2022

United States Patent Number:

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