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Harvard University offers Acceptance Letter to Wafiqah Zubair



DiscoverSTEM Batch: DiscoverSTEM Innovation Program (DIP) 2016-17

Wafiqah Zubair is a freshman at Harvard University concentrating in Biomedical Engineering. She is passionate about the intersection between computer science, engineering, and medicine. She graduated high school from Harmony Science Academy-Euless, where she conducted research with a mentor to create a model to rank viruses based on their probability to cause the next pandemic.

She is a National Merit Scholar, NASA Texas Aerospace Scholar, and Girls Who Code alumna. During her time at DiscoverSTEM, she and her team innovated a system that could launch a satellite at 1/10th of the cost with a system named Deep-Sea Pressure-Based Projectile Launching System. She took this innovation to an international innovation competition conducted by NASA Ames Research Center, competed against 6700 participants from 21 countries, and won 2nd prize worldwide.