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UVSET – Our Students’ Healthcare Innovation Abstract Featured in IDDB Journal

Abstract of the innovation ‘UVSET SafeTouch’ by DiscoverSTEM Students is published by the prestigious journal – Innovation in Digital Health, Diagnostics and Biomarkers (IDDB)



DiscoverSTEM Students’ innovation abstract titled ” UVSET SafeTouch” published” in IDDB Journal

View the abstract in the Innovations in Digital Health, Diagnostics, and Biomarkers Journal.

About the Innovation

The world is a very unclean place and that was proven in large magnitude during this COVID-19 pandemic. Studies have shown that the door handles carry double the bacteria of cell phones and 30 times more bacteria than toilet seats. According to a University of Arizona study, an infected person walking into an office building using a door handle could infect 60% of people in the office within 8 hours.

To solve this problem, high school kids from the DiscoverSTEM program (US-based entrepreneurial education that teaches students to identify problems to form inventive solutions) spent months of research analyzing patterns of disease spread.

With the impending dangers of the COVID-19 pandemic, students became motivated to bring the world back to normality and devised a patent-pending UV-C-based sanitizing product that fits door handles, killing over 99.9% of germs at pre-determined intervals. The product has an innovative, eco-friendly, modular, eye-sleeve design that enables it to fit almost all door handles and has near-zero UV light leakage.


  1. Manish Rangan
  2. Vihan Yerubandi
  3. Humza Sheikh
  4. Aiman Khan
  5. Hisham Ahmad

This innovation is featured in Abstract No.: A02025 Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Reporting System in Volume 2, Issue 2022 of the IDDB journal.