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Week 18 (23 & 24 March 2024) :: DiscoverSTEM Sessions

Find out what our teams of innovators have been up to in their latest session!



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Discover the Teams!

DIP/ILM Year 1

Team Marie Curie


All innovators started off the session by learning about the “Logic of Scientific Discovery.” Within this module, innovators were exposed to multiple scientific procedure to aid in the ideation process and set up experiments. Team Marie Curie participated in an exercise in which they split into two groups.

One group was tasked with creating and building upon their current solution whereas the other group was tasked with finding problems and holes in the current design of the solution. This activity allowed team Marie Curie to see issues with their solution and work to develop specific solutions to further their innovation.

Research Assignment:

Polish their final innovation and continue their documentation process.

  1. Karan Verma
  2. Ayush Veer Davuluri
  3. Asher Sorin
  4. Maheen Rafique
  5. Taheea Raya Ahmed
  6. Ismaeel Zaidi
  7. Ashir Khan
  8. Ayaan Haq
  9. Abdur Rahman Bin Aslam
  10. Arnav Raghuvanshi
  11. Ayan Raghuvanshi
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