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Forbes Publishes Hisham Ahmad’s Book ‘Misfit Mogul’

DiscoverSTEM Co-Founder shares a story on his exciting journey as a young inventor and entrepreneur of America.



About the Book:

To become a mogul, you have to be a misfit at heart. Hisham Ahmad shares his story of how feeling invisible can truly lead to finding your tribe and using your remarkable imagination to create innovation—all while learning the skills to bring these inventions to life.

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Misfit Mogul is a guide for all kids who don’t understand why they’re bored in class, adults who don’t understand why they’re bored in general, and those seeking mega-success when it feels out of reach. When in doubt, you gotta Misfit the situation.

As a young entrepreneur with several patents, companies, and the spirit of a true outsider-turned-innovator, Hisham reveals the hidden truths about business, finance, and lasting success. With his companies worth $100 million and growing, Hisham is considered one of the youngest moguls and thought leaders in America.

Misfit Mogul will take you to your “new school,” a place where you’re catapulted from invisible to innovator, and eventually, to teenage millionaire.

About the Author:

From a young age, HISHAM AHMAD wanted to make a difference in the world. His trials and tribulations as an outsider in school and life turned him into the Misfit Mogul: a young entrepreneur owning several companies, including UVSET and DiscoverSTEM. STEM taught him about innovation and invention, and he mentors hundreds of students to be inspired by a world of possibilities.

With companies worth $100 million and a net worth of $25 million (he doesn’t want to brag, but he probably should), Hisham is considered one of the youngest innovators and thought leaders in America. However, Hisham continues to be a misfit. Becoming a mogul changed nothing… The outsider entrepreneur lives in Dallas, Texas.

Product Details

ISBN: 9798887503387
Publisher: Forbes books
Publication Date: May 29th, 2024
Pages: 208
Language: English