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Week 16 (2 & 3 March 2024) :: DiscoverSTEM Sessions

Find out what our teams of innovators have been up to in their latest session!



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Discover the Teams!

DIP/ILM Year 1

Team Marie Curie


The team is solving the problem of “Termite infestation damaging the integrity and foundation of a structure.” During this session, Team Marie Curie split into two groups to maximize their problem-solving efforts. One group concentrated on brainstorming solutions for the current chosen problem of ‘termite infestation,’ aiming to devise effective strategies to mitigate its impact.

Meanwhile, the other group engaged in brainstorming sessions to explore potential alternative problems that the team could address in the future. This dual approach ensures that the team remains dynamic in their problem-solving efforts, allowing them to explore multiple avenues for innovation. They anticipate continuing their brainstorming and analysis of various ideas in the next session.

Research Assignment:

Continue their brainstorming throughout the week. Next session all team members are expected to have a physical paper with handwritten progress of their innovation journey throughout the week.

  1. Karan Verma
  2. Ayush Veer Davuluri
  3. Asher Sorin
  4. Maheen Rafique
  5. Taheea Raya Ahmed
  6. Ismaeel Zaidi
  7. Ashir Khan
  8. Ayaan Haq
  9. Abdur Rahman Bin Aslam
  10. Arnav Raghuvanshi
  11. Ayan Raghuvanshi
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