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DiscoverSTEM Student Manish Rangan among Top 18 Indian American Achievers under 18

He is also a TEDx Speaker and delivered a speech at Youth@TAMS.



DiscoverSTEM Batch Information:

DIP 2019-20 and DEP 2020 batch.
Currently Studying Computer Engineering (2023-27) at Georgia Institute of Technology.


  1. Apparatus for Sanitizing Products (Patent Pending | USPTO Publication Number: US20230066405A1)
  2. Door Handle Sanitizer – Annular Eye Design (Patent Pending)
  3. Door Handle Sanitizer – Box Slider Design (Patent Pending)

About Manish:

Manish Rangan has secured funding from the venture capitalist firm Kubera Ventures. As the CEO of UVSET-SAFETouch, Manish Rangan has increased his startup valuation from $50k to $400k, secured LOI from Real Estate Firm worth $750k, delivered 10+ startup pitches in competitions & VCs, and ran successful Kickstarter crowdfunding. He is also a TEDx Speaker and delivered a speech at Youth@TAMS.

Manish Rangan is a ‘Top 18 Under 18 Indian American Student’. He was awarded by US Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi at the Global Eye Magazine’s event in 2022.

A young innovator and CEO, Manish is already making taking big strides forward in the world of innovation and entrepreneurship. He, along with his team has created UVSET-SAFETouch, a multi-patent pending, UV-C-based door handle sanitizer during the COVID-19 pandemic.

DiscoversSTEM Startup UVSET SafeTouch was shortlisted among the Top 80 Startups Globally supporting United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals at Oslo Innovation Week in 2022.

UVSET also won the Chairman’s Prize and a grant of $10,000 at Advancing Healthcare Innovation Summit – 2022.

At DiscoverSTEM, Manish Rangan is serving as a mentor as well as a student ambassador. He is mentoring young kids on the subject of innovation. Manish has demonstrated his leadership skills by serving in top positions at Reedy Entrepreneurship Club and Reedy DECA.

As a volunteer, Manish has served American Red Cross, Tamil Nadu Foundation, Sankara Eye Foundation, Brain Bubble, NHS, and other community service projects. Manish is an avid chess player and has also coached several kids.

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