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Mental Health Reporting System by DiscoverSTEM Inventors Win Chairman’s Prize at AHIS 2022



DiscoverSTEM Inventors won the award for the most innovative research abstract titled “Mental, Emotional & Behavioral Well-being Reporting System ” at Advancing Healthcare Innovation Summit 2022

View the abstract in the Innovations in Digital Health, Diagnostics, and Biomarkers Journal.

About the Innovation

Mental, emotional, and behavioral well-being has taken the forefront in the healthcare industry today. The study suggests that 1 in 5 US adults experience mental health issues each year. Researchers have also suggested that there is a communication gap between children and parents leading to a situation where parents are the last ones to know if their child is facing any hardship.

To combat this, DiscoverSTEM inventors innovated a patent-pending system, a global finalist at the international innovation competition conducted at NASA Kennedy Space Centre, with the vision to tackle increasing cases of deteriorating mental health among teenagers and breakdown in communication between parents and children.

The system created takes the child’s mental, emotional, and behavioral feedback from the authority using the app in the form of behavior, mood, and comments and works using 638 personality traits i.e., positive, neutral, and negative as peer-to-peer input, and classifies an individual into four major personality traits.

With time, it generates something like a “credit score” of his/her overall well-being and sends smart suggestions/ alerts to the authority. Reports that will be generated in the app include mental health indications, suicidal tendencies, the onset of depression, and workload pressure. This AI algorithm will also detect a recovery and/or happiness tip about the child.

We believe this is the best system to predict and prevent mental, emotional, and behavioral issues and has the power to reach millions of populations as it is concentrated on solving two major problems existing in today’s world using the artificial intelligence algorithm.


  1. Hisham Ahmad (DiscoverSTEM Co-Founder)
  2. Soorya Narayanan
  3. Yara Abo Auda
  4. Arjun Kommidi
  5. Raisha Bhojani
  6. Meher Saanvi Singh
  7. Iliyan Ali
  8. Saanchi Gabri
  9. Simran Babaria
  10. Hidvika Dubey
  11. Sadaf Syed
  12. Rida Naqvi
  13. Jiya Singh
  14. Akshara Kommidi

This innovation is featured in Abstract No.: A02025 Mental, Emotional and Behavioral Reporting System in Volume 2, Issue 2022 of the IDDB journal.