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Duke University offers Acceptance Letter to Ameer Syedibrahim



DiscoverSTEM Batch: DiscoverSTEM Innovation Program (DIP) 2016-17

Ameer Syedibrahim joined the 2016-17 batch of DiscoverSTEM’s Innovation Program along with his twin brother Amjad. He, with his team, innovated a smart shower system to prevent water wastage, which can save 250 billion gallons of water every year in the USA. Ameer and his brother Amjad graduated in 2018 and were accepted to study Computer Science at The Duke University on a full ride.

He enjoys playing basketball, reading, and tutoring others. Ameer says, “DiscoverSTEM has helped me “tremendously in the ways I think about approaching problems and devising solutions. I’ve been consistently challenged in the program to think outside the box and innovate clever solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems.”