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MIT offers Acceptance Letter to Nikitha Thoduguli



DiscoverSTEM Batch: DiscoverSTEM Innovation Program (DIP) 2018-19

Nikitha joined the 2018-19 batch of DiscoverSTEM Innovation Program. Previously, she went to Greenhill School in Addison, Texas. She and her team innovated an Artificial Intelligence-based Image Processing system to prevent vehicle accidents at intersections. Nikita is a natural problem-solver and has a myriad of practical, efficient, and effective ideas to improve the world.

One exciting idea she has is to invent a pre-emptive vaccine for cancer by utilizing the ‘zombie’ elephant gene LIF6 and finding a way to integrate it into human DNA.
Nikitha does a wide variety of extracurriculars, from Lego to programming Arduino to Robotics and Math. She does competitive math and made the AMC 8 achievement roll in 2017 and then the honor roll in 2018, which is among the top 5% worldwide.