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Rice University offers Acceptance Letter to Shreeya Madhavanur



DiscoverSTEM Batch: DiscoverSTEM Innovation Program (DIP) 2018-19

‘Idea Box’ Shreeya joined the 2018-19 batch of DiscoverSTEM Innovation Program. She and her team innovated an Artificial Intelligence-based Image Processing system to prevent vehicle accidents at intersections. Previously, Shreeya went to Greenhill School in Addison, Texas, and likes Science, Math, and English.

She feels the world is going to be more challenging in the coming days, and she plans to keep inventing to solve problems like poverty, corruption, climate change, and animal extinction. In the past, she attempted to innovate ‘Spork’ (spoon & fork in one), a 3D printer (when she was only 3!), and many other gadgets. She is also interested in learning about genetics, the human body, and space.