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Week 14 (17 & 18 February 2024) :: DiscoverSTEM Sessions

Find out what our teams of innovators have been up to in their latest session!



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Discover the Teams!

DIP/ILM Year 1

Team Marie Curie


The team focused on addressing the challenge of “Space debris and collisions,” and began the session by revisiting their innovative ideas. Engaging in discussions aimed at refining existing concepts and evaluating the feasibility of additional proposals, the team worked towards enhancing their approach to tackling the issue.

Research Lab:

In the Aerospace Lab, the innovators continued with the previous week’s module, providing insights into the various aspects of aerospace technology. The module covered landing aids such as Precision Approach Path Indicator (PAPI) and Visual Approach Slope Indicator (VASI), different aircraft license classifications, and the pivotal role of Air Traffic Control in the aerospace and flight industry, including its operational methodologies.

Research Assignment:

Discuss potential solutions, ponder the feasibility of previous innovation ideas, and keep note of any changes/innovation ideas.

  1. Karan Verma
  2. Ayush Veer Davuluri
  3. Asher Sorin
  4. Maheen Rafique
  5. Taheea Raya Ahmed
  6. Ismaeel Zaidi
  7. Ashir Khan
  8. Ayaan Haq
  9. Abdur Rahman Bin Aslam
  10. Arnav Raghuvanshi
  11. Ayan Raghuvanshi
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