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Meet RoboDog – the Newest Member of DiscoverSTEM Family

Al Quadruped Robot Dog



The innovators of our AI-ML research lab will have hands on projects teaching them understanding, learning, interacting, playing, and programming Robodog!

About Unitree GO1 Pro Robot Dog:

It is an innovative and futuristic creation that offers a unique experience to users. This robot dog utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to walk, run, and play. It has a load-bearing capacity of 3-5KG and is ideal for carrying small items. Unfortunately, the current version does not support adding a voice module. The GO1 Pro Robot Dog is easy to use and can be a fun companion for individuals who love robotics.

A quadruped robot by Unitree Robotics featuring three processors, five stereo depth cameras, and side-follow system for dog-like companionship.