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Relay based system to launch a projectile

Technology to launch a projectile in space at fraction of current costs



Innovation Title:
Relay based system to launch a projectile

Name & Age of Inventors (at the time of innovation):
Mikaeel Faisal Khan (12)
Zaynab Khan (13)
Faraz Rahman (13)
Mohammed Omer Shakoor (11)
Ishaq Nadeem Khan (12)
Shoaib Ali (14)
Bilal S. Ali Shah (11)

Problem Statement:

Satellite launches are a costly affair. Especially for the rockets to leave the atmosphere as Rockets in a vacuum are usually much more efficient.

Today, it costs $10,000 to put a pound of payload in Earth orbit.

NASA’s goal is to reduce the cost of getting to space to hundreds of dollars per pound within 25 years and tens of dollars per pound within 40 years. Huge rockets spend the majority of their fuel reaching their first 60 miles of height.

About the Innovation:
A series of the relay of the electromagnetic launcher with a gun and a floating launch platform to launch projectiles in space, wherein the projectile is accelerated along a path using electromagnetic force until the projectile reaches a desired direction and position.

The direction of the path is determined by orienting the path in the desired direction using a catcher. The catcher and rail gun projectile as high above as possible, coming close to near space. When the said projectile will reach the last platform, it will be launched by the railgun and ignite its rocket engine to take the payload into space or as required to eliminate the need for large rocket boosters to launch the projectile.

This innovation by DiscoverSTEM students will help in launching a projectile in space at fraction of current costs.

Patent Certificate:

US Patent Grant Date:
27th December 2022

United States Patent Number:

Awards & Recognition:
Winner of 1st Prize at NASA Ames Space Settlement Challenge-2018.

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