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Kudos! City girl makes anti-drug wristband.

Wearable device will alert parents of drug use by children



A 16-year-old NRI girl has come up with an ingenious device called ProReNata’ that alerts parents if their children have been taking drugs. Aalia Mohammed, a tenth grade student of Indian descent from Frisco city in Texas, has built a wrist band that indicates the use of drugs through the analysis of perspiration and ions present in the air and accordingly warns parents.

The invention comes on the heels of a series of incidents where school-children in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were found to be growing increasingly addicted to drugs.

Aalia along with three of her friends presented the invention at The Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge competition held at Nasa’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida in April this year and won the prestigious Power Pitch award for their efforts.

The product was widely appreciated, with many saying it was the need of the hour at a time when 1.8 million students across the world are succumbing to drug abuse. “Teens are destroying their future by doing drugs.

Our device ProReNata can check this problem by bringing parents and children together to build a drug-free world,” Aalia said. Aalia’s father Asif Mohammed, a software architect in Texas, was born in Vijayawada while her grandfather Mohammed Anwar is a retired government employee.

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