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DiscoverSTEM Students Design Award-Winning Space Colonies in Global NASA Contest

Two teams from the Irving-based afterschool group DiscoverSTEM took top prizes in the NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest.



Photo: Shutterstock

One year shy of the 50th moon landing anniversary, young space enthusiasts pack Dallas’ Frontiers of Flight Museum. CEO Cheryl Sutterfield-Jones says this place will see three to four times the normal Saturday turnout.

“Today is Moon Day, the largest space exposition in Texas,” she said. “We have over 35 exhibitors. We’re expecting 1,500 people here today. We’re going to be livestreaming with an astronaut from Russia.”

And although a Soyuz cosmonaut’s an out-of-this-world deal here, some local kids at the museum are international stars in their own right. Two teams from the Irving-based after school group DiscoverSTEM took top prizes for their space station designs in the NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest.

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